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Town of Odessa, Inc. 1902   

Odessa Police Department

     PO Box 218
105 E First Ave., Odessa, WA 99159

509-982-0141    FAX 509-982-2659

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The mission of Odessa's Police Department is to preserve the peace with enthusiasm and compassion, to consistently seek and discover ways of promoting the feeling of security, safety and quality services to the citizens of our community.


Tthe Odessa Police Department non-emergency phone number is 509-982-0141. This phone number may be forwarded to the Lincoln CO. Sheriff's Department.

If no one immediately answers the phone, it will transfer to the Lincoln County Dispatch center after the fourth ring. Please be patient and stay on the line. When the dispatcher answers you can leave a message for the on-duty officer to return your call.

If you have an emergency, please call 9-1-1.

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To obtain fingerprints and a Concealed Pistol Permit, contact the Lincoln County Sheriffs Office,
404 Sinclair Street, Davenport, Washington 99122. 
Phone 509 725-9261.
Hours are Monday thru Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Lincoln Co. WA - Concealed Carry Permit Application
Concealed Pistol Permit Cost: 
    Original - $48.00
    Renewal - $32.00
    Late Renewal - $42.00
         (Expired up to 90 days after expiration date)
    Replacement - $10.00
    Laminate CPL - $ 1.00
Fingerprint Cost:  $10.00
Police Reports:  To obtain a copy of a police report. a public disclosure request must be completed.  These forms are available at the Odessa Police Dept. Office.  Expect a minimum of five (5) working days for the report.  The cost is 15 cents per page.

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