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Odessa, WA -
Frequently Asked Questions

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Q   Where do I sign up for Odessa utilities?
A   At the Clerk’s office, located in the Community Center at
        21 E. First Ave. or you may call the office at (509)982-2401.

Q  What utilities are supplied?
A   Odessa provides water, sewer and garbage services.

Q  Is the town water supply tested on a regular basis?
A  Yes, the water supply is tested monthly and as scheduled by the
       State Department of Health.  Yearly water reports are mailed to
       residents and businesses.

Q  What fees are charged for Odessa utility sign up?
A   See Town of Odessa 2022 Fee Schedule

Q  Where do I pay my town utility bill?
A  The Town utility bill may be paid at the Clerk’s Office located
       in the Community Center at 21 E. First Ave., or mailed to:
       Town of Odessa, P.O. Box 218, Odessa WA  99159.

Q  When is garbage pickup?
A The Town contracts with Consolidated Disposal for curbside
       garbage pickup.  The Town supplies garbage carts and dumpsters
      for residents and businesses.  Cart collection is each Wednesday
      and dumpster collection is each Thursday.  Any change in
      collection days, due to holidays, is posted at the Clerk’s Office
      and the Post Office as necessary.

Q  When are utility bills due?
A  Town utility bills are due the 15th of each month. 

Q  Does Odessa have a police department?
A  Yes, the Town of Odessa has two commissioned officers
      providing law enforcement coverage for the Town, with
      assistance from the Lincoln County Sheriffs Office as needed.

Q  Is there a public library?
A  Yes, the public library is located in the Community Center,
        21 E. First Ave. and is open Wednesdays 2:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.,
        7:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. and Saturdays 12:00-5:00 p.m.

Q  Who supplies electric and natural gas services?
A  Avista Utilities supplies electric and natural gas for residents
       and businesses.  1-800-227-9187.

Q  Who supplies phone services?
A  Centurytel supplies phone service for residents and businesses.
       Residential: 1-800-201-4099.  Business: 1-800-201-4102.

Q  Is cable TV available in town?
A Cable is not available.  Most residents utilize satellite TV
      through the provider of their choice.

Q  Is there a local internet provider?
A Yes, there is a local provider as well as other options available.

Q  Does Odessa require pets to be licensed?
A Yes, dogs, 6 months and older, must be licensed on
      a yearly basis.  Fees listed on Town of Odessa 2022 Fee Schedule
      Pay at the  Odessa Clerk’s Office.

Q  Does Odessa offer summer recreation opportunities?
A Yes, enjoy our beautiful Reiman Park or take a swim in the pool facility.
     Our Tourist Park is available for overnight camping at no charge, for up to
      three nights. Pool is open June through 3rd week of August.

  Does Odessa have locations available to rent for
      special occasions?

A  Organizations or private parties may rent the Community Center building for a
       sum of $200.00 per event rental date, with an additional $25.00 per day for setup prior to or after for the cleaning of area used.  The commercial kitchen, located in the
      Community Center, is available for rental and is monitored by the Chamber of
      Commerce.  Rental request and necessary rental forms are available at the Clerk’s
      office.  The Old Town Hall building is also available for rent, with the rental fee
      to be a sum of $100.00 per event rental date, with additional $25.00 for parties or
      organizations also utilizing the kitchen.  A $100.00 deposit for use of either
      building is to be made, which will be returned to the rental party if rental rules
     are followed. 
 Clerk’s Office.

Q  Who is responsible for sidewalk repair  and  maintenance?
A  Property owners are responsible for sidewalk upkeep, including
       keeping sidewalks clear of snow and ice in the winter months.

Q  Does Odessa require business licenses?
A  Odessa does not require town issued business licenses,
       but  does require businesses to adhere to the Town
       Zoning Ordinance.

Q  Does Odessa have an ordinance addressing peddlers and
      door-to-door salespersons?

A Yes.  Peddlers and door-to- door salespersons must obtain
      permits  from the Clerk’s Office.

Q  What about snow removal?
A  Main arterials,  emergency and school routes  are cleared as
       needed during the winter months.  As Odessa is  located at the
       intersection of two state  highways, the State Highway
       Departments clears those streets of  snow and ice. 

Q  Besides garbage pick-up, what other waste disposal
       options are available?

Yard waste receptacles are distributed throughout the Town,
      at various locations, for the free disposal of yard wastes, such
     as grass  clipping and leaves during the spring through fall

     Odessa also offers a location for the disposal of tree branches
     and metal,  at a cost of $5.00 per load.  The site may be utilized
     during normal  office hours, with the load being inspected at the
     Clerk’s Office  prior  to disposal of items.  The key, for the
     disposal site, is obtained from  the Clerk’s Office.

Q  Where do I find out about zoning ordinances and file
        related applications and forms?

A  Applications and forms needed for zoning ordinance issues and
       other Town matters are available at the Clerk’s Office.

Q  Who do I contact to request public records?
A  All persons desiring to inspect or receive a copy of any public
      record of the Town must make their request to the City Clerk-  
      Treasurer,  or his/her designee, on forms specified by the City

Q  Can I use a golf cart on Odessa Streets?
A  Yes - subject to certain restrictions. Click HERE for Golf Cart Use FAQ

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